The first global platform for both sides:

Buyers & Manufacturers

Detailed & verified company profiles

  • Manufacturer profiles are only visible to buyers and provide detailed information about a company’s expertise and capabilities, e.g. product offering, in-house departments, certifications, machinery list, lead times, purchase order size and contact details
  • Buyer profiles are only visible to manufacturers and include e.g. relevant product categories, average order size, expected certifications and contact details
How it works

Powerful search& matching

  • Specific filter options allow to fine-tune any search, e.g. by country, order size, certification, product group or required materials & services
  • The platform shows which partners best match each other and automatically ranks search results by relevance

Digital showroom & inspiration

  • Manufacturers upload product images to their virtual showrooms to demonstrate design and workmanship capabilities
  • Our inspiration tool allows buyers to easily view, filter and save product pictures of interesting suppliers and to request more information with only a click

Request for quotation

  • Brands can share requests for quotations and pressing demands directly to selected manufacturers, entire regions or the entire FOURSOURCE network
  • Requests are structured by categories and only shared with manufacturers who produce within the indicated category
  • Manufacturers will be notified about relevant buyer request and can easily respond to them within a standardized form – this helps buyers to receive offers in a structured way

Manage your network

  • Buyers create their network individually by bookmarking relevant suppliers. This helps to stay informed with relevant updates from targeted suppliers
  • Manufacturers can manage their customer relationships within their bookmark list and find their prospects easily in an alphabetically ordered list



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