The first global sourcing network for both sides:

Clothing buyers & manufacturers

Detailed & verified company profiles

  • Supplier profiles are only visible to buyers and provide detailed information about company capabilities, product offering, in-house departments, certificates, lead times, minimum order quantities, and contact details

  • Buyer profiles are only visible to manufacturers and include buying specific information, such as relevant product categories, purchase volume, required certificates and contact details

Powerful search& matching

  • Specific filter options allow to fine-tune any search, e.g. by country, order size, certification, product group, required materials or services

  • The platform shows which partners best match each other and automatically ranks search results by relevance

Bookmarks & notes

  • Buyers and suppliers build and organize their business network in Foursource by bookmarking existing and potential partners

  • Members manage individual knowledge and data in one place by attaching notes, files or pictures to any profile. Such information is strictly private and secure, not public

Request for quotation

  • Buyers share requests for quotations and target these to selected manufacturers, certain regions, or the entire FOURSOURCE network.

  • Manufacturers will be notified about relevant buyer request and can directly quote using a structured form – this helps buyers to receive offers in the most structured way

Digital supplier showrooms

  • Manufacturers share product images within their digital showrooms to showcase product, design, and workmanship capabilities

  • Buyers can easily review, filter, and bookmark pictures, and get in touch with the selected manufacturer

Meet us


  • OIA Conference & AGM

    13.-14. March 2019

    Cheshire, UK

  • Texprocess

    14.-17. May 2019

    Frankfurt, Germany

  • German Fashion Sourcing Workshop

    8. May 2019

    Bremen, Germany

  • Fashionology Summit

    2. May 2019

    Dhaka, Bangladesh


    11.-14. April 2019

    Lahore, Pakistan

  • ISPO Academy

    9.-11. April 2019

    Stockholm, Sweden

  • Prime Source Forum

    2.-3. April 2019

    Hong Kong


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