How Tricothius expanded their network significantly and attracted buyers’ curiosity


With more than 25 years of experience working with Private label productions, Valérius Group offers their customers creative and technical solutions for the accomplishment of high-quality products at a competitive price, which allows the company to create long and profitable relations with their clients. With a vertical strategy in mind, Valérius Group is capable to create a unique solution for each of its customers in every area of textile production. TRICOTHIUS, is the “Knitwear Division” (both flat and circular) of the Valérius Group, in addition to being responsible for the development, commercialization, production and distribution of the group's “own brand” CONCRETO (a women’s total look brand mainly focused on knitwear with almost 30 years in the Portuguese market, ).

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Tricothius were looking into digital solutions before the pandemic. During that time, they were already looking for a platform that would tackle their digitization need, while still arranging online meetings to meet with potential new clients. The company prefers to avoid having intermediaries, such as agents, not only for financial reasons but also because they like to have full control over quality and production. They also find that communication is harder if not made by them, so they were looking for a tool that would enable them to get in direct contact with clients.

Finding & Using Foursource

Before compromising on any sourcing platform, the company analysed all the options in terms of return on investment and found that Foursource, compared to the others, offered a bigger potential ROI. In the beginning, their new clients were coming from the products they saw in Tricothius’ digital showroom. The interested customer messaged the company asking for more information on a specific product. The company saw much value in this feature and nowadays updates the showroom pictures quite often. By doing this they feel that their profile gets more activity and attracts the buyers’ curiosity.Nowadays, Mr Maia, General Commercial Director of Tricothius, mainly uses the Business Opportunities and Direct Messages feature to present the company and products to the buyers. After being loyal members for almost two years now, Tricothius thinks that Foursource is a good way of getting in touch with more customers. They find that the platform has all types of brands and that it can reach any market, no matter how big or small it is.
Finding & Using Foursource

The Results

  • Return on investment with 5 orders from clients from the USA and Germany
  • 150000€ order value on seamless, tricot and t-shirts
  • High cost/value benefit
  • Renewal of Enterprise membership
  • Reached new markets through this digital solution

Favorite Features

Best feature:
Showrooms, Business Opportunities, and Direct Messages

Best thing about Foursource:
“Nowadays, I look into the feature Business Opportunities, and we use direct messages to present my company and products to the buyers”.
Favorite features
Ricardo Maia

Using the Foursource tools I can reach more brands in new markets. We renewed our paid membership because we see value in the platform

Ricardo Maia

General Commercial Director