Navigating Small Orders, Securing Lucrative Deals, and Cultivating Lasting Brand Relationships


About One Top Enterprises

One Top Enterprises manufactures custom clothing for small and large fashion brands and businesses. We are a one-stop custom apparel manufacturer that provides you with any type of specifications you want for your clothing line. With a wide range of apparel production experience, we have been following fashion adventures for decades.

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Formerly dependent on agents and social media, One Top Enterprises, aligning with industry trends, has transformed its approach. The company used to rely on agents and social media for business. Like many others in the textile industry, they depended on middlemen to boost visibility and sales. To cut costs and reach more clients efficiently, One Top Enterprises decided to switch to Foursource. By welcoming small orders from emerging brands, One Top Enterprises not only secures profitable deals but also lays the foundation for enduring partnerships, diminishing dependence on middlemen for sustained business growth.

Finding & Using Foursource

Upon hearing about Foursource in the market, One Top Enterprises quickly registered, favoring it over other platforms for its authentic RFQs specific to textiles. Since joining, the company achieved a remarkable 50% reduction in overall expenses. One Top Enterprises closed successful business deals involving small MOQs, citing the RFQs as the most valuable feature for higher response rates and meaningful connections. Presently, the company is actively engaged in business discussions with various brands and has already closed substantial business deals.
Finding Foursource

The Results

  • Accelerated business growth through the use of Foursource, closing impactful deals with startup brands through small MOQ orders.
  • Realized a remarkable 50% decrease in overall expenses since transitioning to Foursource.
  • Successfully expanded market reach by securing deals with prominent buyers from South Africa, the USA, and The Netherlands, enhancing global visibility.

Favorite Features

Best feature:
Requests for Quotation (RFQ)

”The most useful feature is the RFQs because the response rate is higher, and it can result in relevant connections”.
Favorite features
Abdullah Islam

I favor Foursource over other platforms primarily because of its authentic RFQs that specifically target textiles. The most valuable aspect, in my opinion, is the RFQ feature. It not only ensures a higher response rate but also has the potential to establish relevant connections.

Muhammad Abrar