Cutting Costs, Amplifying Visibility: Kengvo Sports' Breakaway from Middlemen through Foursource in the Textile Industry


About Kengvo Sports

Dedicated to creating custom designed Boxing, Martial Arts, Active Wears, and Sportswear. Our objective is to become the best choice when it comes to designing and creating uniforms for community events, local clubs and national events. Platform born with one idea, should look great while wearing our Products. Create your own design by choosing your own colors, style and size. Then, provide your logo or images, and we will make your look Beautiful. Our artists and designers will make sure your design really stands out and will even offer expert advice about color contrasts and quality of uploaded images. You will also enjoy the service of real people that will answer all your questions and do their best to ensure your total satisfaction. We store your orders and specific requirements so that all future re-orders are made without a hassle.

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Recognizing a longstanding trend in the textile industry where companies, including Kengvo Sports, paid substantial commissions to middlemen for increased visibility and sales, the decision to transition to Foursource was driven by the desire to optimize cost efficiency. By seeking to minimize expenses associated with intermediary commissions, Kengvo Sports aimed to enhance their business prospects while achieving significant cost savings.

Finding & Using Foursource

Upon a friend's recommendation, Kengvo Sports, originally reliant on social media and email for customer acquisition, discovered Foursource during a search for leather products and apparel. Motivated by the desire to expand online presence, reduce costs, enhance efficiency, and explore new markets, they chose Foursource over other sourcing platforms due to the Foursource network’s ability to provide valuable leads. This decision has notably contributed to their financial success, including a 50% reduction in expenses and the successful closure of a substantial deal with a USA buyer.
Finding Foursource

The Results

  • Achieved a 50% reduction in expenses since joining Foursource, demonstrating effective cost management.
  • Successfully closed a new deal with a buyer from the USA, securing an order with a substantial value of $2200.
  • Contributed to cost savings and business growth by securing a significant order, resulting in a notable impact.

Favorite Features

Best feature:
Requests for Quotation (RFQ)

”The 'View Network's RFQ' feature is our preferred feature due to its unlimited access. Accordingly, we aim to consistently be the first to respond to all RFQs”.
Favorite features
Abdullah Islam

I got connected with some buyers, did some samples and closed one business with a US buyer for around $2200.

Abdullah Islam