How Fateks Kumas Gained 4 New Customers On Foursource

Secret conversion trick: trust, transparency & honesty

Fateks Kumas

Having started garment manufacturing in the early 1970s, Fateks Kumas have grown their fabric manufacturing and denim sales business over the last 35 years. They also use their expertise in design, fabric and garment manufacturing to develop sustainable products for our clients.

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Prior to the global pandemic the Fateks Kumas team would regularly travel to trade fairs in Germany and the Netherlands to find new customers. However, in 2020 regular travel was no longer an option due to restrictions caused by the Coivd-19 global pandemic. Before Foursource they were trying to find new leads through organic internet searches which were not showing good results. They needed a solution, but so far had not found a digital sourcing & marketing platform that they trusted - until they discovered Foursource!

Finding Foursource

The COO of Fateks Kumas, Ms Esen, was the person who introduced Emrah to Foursource. When we asked about their experience about starting on Foursource, Emrah admitted it took a few months to get going. However, they felt Foursource directed them in every step, “they even advised which pictures to upload, their tips are really helpful and they provide a great customer service”.

The feature that Fateks use the most is Request for Quotations. They also make sure they use all of their contact requests each month (with an average reply rate of 20%) and contact each buyer who visits their profile - sometimes even sending a follow up.
Finding Foursource

The Results

  • 4 new customers through Foursource (plus, 3 more in negotiation!)
  • 50,000 EUR order value
  • More than 7,000 EUR saved on travel expenses (Foursource membership is 5x less costly)

Emrah and the Fateks Kumas team have mastered the art of communication with buyers, and this no doubt has led to their success on Foursource. So, what is their secret to successful conversion? In their own words: trust, transparency and keeping it personal. They are always honest about their production capabilities and lead times from the start and make sure to send regular updates about samples, photos of their product sites - even of the staff!

Favorite Features

Best feature:
Notification about who visited your profile in Business Opportunities

Best thing about Foursource:
“Foursource is more trusted than other competitor platforms such as Alibaba”
Favorite features
Esen Fakioğlu

Face to face brings good opportunities, but in times like these, Foursource is perfect! It has helped us to find new long term customers. We were late to Foursource, we should have started using it 3 or 4 years earlier!

Esen Fakioğlu

COO Fateks Kumas