How BLESS Internacional Was Able To Expand Into New Markets With Less Financial Resources

BLESS Internacional

The company started their work in 1995, under the name Josborda, Lda. In this phase, their activity root was directed only to the manufacture of embroidery. In 1997 the company started to sell and export their first made pieces, since the accumulated experience, far surpassed, only the production of embroidery. As a result of the process of growth and adaptation to the times of today and tomorrow, BLESS Internacional was born.

A company that replaces its previous designation and that aims to represent the DNA of its organization with more rigor and communicative transparency. With BLESS International, a commitment to strengthening and improving current supply standards is also born, in the certainty that the companies and people who brought them here will also be the solid basis for a future.

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For BLESS Internacional one thing is certain: time is precious! The textile market runs very fast and being present at physical trade shows would inhibit them from preparing and shipping samples to potential customers, therefore risking losing clients to competitors. To surpass this situation, BLESS Internacional was looking for an alternative business solution: a digital platform that would prevent them from feeling pressured to use all of their time and resources at trade shows.

Finding & Using Foursource

Sílvia Costa, BLESS Internacional’s General Manager, feels that the Foursource network understands what the textile market is looking for. She says that, apart from Foursource, she still hasn’t found any other platform that meets her requirements. The platform allows significant exposure for the company and makes it simple to focus on the buyers’ exact needs.

Costa uses the platform twice a day, to stay on top of the most recent Business Opportunities and to be the first to reply. Her current favorite features are Business Opportunities and RFQs.

Foursource has saved BLESS Internacional lots of financial resources.The company manages with less investment to expand into the markets. The digital way saves them time and is an important factor, as it gives the company another scope in terms of quantity and quality of suppliers, thus enabling them to define new business strategies.
Finding & Using Foursource

The Results

  • Order value of approximately 50K EUR in t-shirts, polos, and hoodies
  • Greater exposure of the company
  • Reduced investment costs and overhead costs
  • Able to expand into new markets with less financial resources

Favorite Features

Best feature:
Business Opportunities and Requests for Quotation

Best thing about Foursource:
“Foursource allows me a greater exposure of the company, to select the markets I want to reach, and so the company can easily define a better strategy.”
Favorite features
Sílvia Costa

When in need of a new supplier, an article, or a product with some certification, the first thing the buyer does is to explore the digital channels. First, they decide on the country they want to source and then look for what they want. It's the fastest, most comprehensive, and most inexpensive way to do the first search for a product solution. Foursource is a network where I can connect with these buyers, easily and for a fair price!

Sílvia Costa

General Manager