Cost-Effective Success: Abilheira & Cunha's Journey with Foursource

Abilheira & Cunha - Têxteis, Lda

Abilheira & Cunha - Têxteis, Lda is a manufacturer of clothing mainly made of knitwear, American plush, Italian plush, jersey, and cotton, standing out hooded sweatshirts, polos, t-shirts, with 26 years of experience in the area. The company has specialized manpower and is committed to the rigor, requirement and high standards of quality. Abilheira & Cunha is prepared to satisfy all types of orders, always offering the best solution and price, and quality relation. They can contribute positively to the growth of your company, with services performed according to the quality standards that they cherish within their organization.

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Abilheira & Cunha recognized the need for a cost-effective alternative to trade shows, given the substantial expenses involved. While maintaining a presence at a few trade fairs to foster direct client interaction, they highlight Foursource as a significantly more affordable option compared to tradeshows.Albino Abilheira, the owner, acknowledges the complementary nature of these two approaches. By opting for Foursource, they not only reduced costs associated with trade fair participation but also enjoy year-round accessibility and exposure to new clients at a fraction of the cost.

Finding & Using Foursource

After receiving an email newsletter from Foursource highlighting the advantages of joining their network, the company made the decision to sign up and begin exploring the platform. They quickly realized the immense potential of the network as a valuable tool for finding new clients, leading them to upgrade to the Enterprise plan. The company has since renewed its Enterprise membership twice, further solidifying its trust and commitment to the platform.
Finding Foursource

The Results

  • Utilizing Foursource, Abilheira & Cunha achieved an impressive total order value of €300,000.
  • The expansion of their client base was substantial, as they successfully acquired seven new buyer contacts from the Netherlands, Finland, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Denmark, France, and Austria.
  • Over the course of two years, the company successfully completed a total of 25 orders, demonstrating the effectiveness and productivity enabled by their utilization of the Foursource network.

Favorite Features

Best feature:
Explore Network and RFQs

Best thing about Foursource:
“We use mostly use ‘Explore Network’ because we have the chance to directly talk to the customer. Another useful tool is RFQs. Every day we respond to requests, and we try to make more contacts using the filters such as ‘MOQ’ and ‘product type.”
Favorite features
Harry Zeng

The platform has a very good database that facilitates our search for new clients. With Foursource, we can have direct, transparent, fast, and cost-effective communication. Standing out in the digital world nowadays is a challenge, but by using this platform, it is possible to reach and serve numerous buyers. Utilizing this technology is essential for selling more, and thus, we are all connected and the company gains visibility on the internet.Since we started working with this network, sales have increased considerably. In such a competitive market like the fashion industry, survival depends on offering not only the best price but also a memorable experience. Through the ease of use of the platform, we ensure excellent responsiveness and a closer relationship with the customer.

Albino Abilheira